Laser Engraving Cutting

Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine

Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine
Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine
Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine
Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine

Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine    Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine
ATOMSTACK S10 Pro Dual-Laser Technology Comprehensive Product Double Upgrade. CO2 Laser Effect Support Offline Engraving Super Control Motherboard. Atomstack S10 Pro Independent Control Terminal. The 32-bit motherboard can support offline working. Making it more convenient to use. A real 10W laser can easily cut through 20mm thick wood and 15mm acrylic materials. And engrave large areas of metal and wood. The innovative use of coated filter glass ensures better. The internal movement track can be clearly seen when.

It can effectively filter the laser, prevent eye burns, and. Eliminate the hidden danger of easy burning of acrylic. Light Combining Technology With Double Compression Spots. Innovative technology combines two 5W lasers into one, making. The laser power larger and more stable.

The double compressed spot increases the. Power while maintaining a fine laser beam. It is dangerous to test the sintering temperature, please operate. Under the guidance of professionals.

Measured 15mm Thick Acrylic Cutting. Real 10W Laser Without False Standard. Independent Terminal Support Offline Engraving.

Engraving can be done without connecting to a computer. Engraving groups can be built, and multiple machines can work at.

The same time to increase work efficiency. The offline engraving control terminal has a newly designed.

Ul interface and an upgraded operating system which improves the. Interactivity and user experience, thereby making the overall operation easier and faster. Even users who have never contacted a laser engraving machine. Thus saving a lot of time and more efficient. Spiral Button Makes Height Adjustment More Convenient.

Limit switches are installed on both X-axis and Y-axis. When the engraving machine stroke is at its maximum limit switch will be. Automatically triggered to protect the laser and avoid collisions. Measured Cutting 20mm Thick Wood.

The double-compressed spot technology makes the laser spot. Down to 0.06mm to achieve finer image engraving. Upgraded dual compression spot coupling technology.

Ultra-fine laser focus area is reduced to 0.080.08mm, high-density laser can easily cut 20mm thick wood, 15mm thick black acrylic; can directly engrave mirror stainless steel metal, ceramics, glass, and engraving &The cutting speed is 40% higher than the ordinary model, which can be comparable to the effect of the 150W CO2laser engraving machine. The laser sintering temperature is up to 1200? Eye-Protection Flame-retardant Filter Panoramic Glass. The flame-retardant filter panoramic glass can filter 97% of the ultraviolet light, which plays a very good role in protecting your eyes.

You and the people around you do not need to wear goggles, you can also clearly Watch laser engraving. Reduce the cost of your goggles and the inconvenience of wearing goggles. The glass is flame retardant and safer to use. Solid And Easy Installation Structure Design. The all-aluminum alloy anodized structure design makes the machine more durable, and improves the accuracy of engraving.

The entire structure has been designed for quick assembly, and the assembly can generally be completed within 10-20 minutes. No need to adjust the focus before engraving; the new laser focal spot is 50% smaller than other ordinary lasers, new laser combines precision engraving and high-energy cutting at the same time. The laser power of the fixed-focus laser is more stable than the zoom laser.

The machine can be compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, support Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Win 10, and also support MAc system (LightBurn), engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc. There are precise scale lines on the X-axis and Y-axis to facilitate quick length measurement. 410x400mm large area engraving interval can meet your various engraving needs. The machine uses an integrated screw rod instead of a combined coupling. The stepping motor and the screw rod are integrated, which makes the movement of the laser more precise and the coupling more durable. It is more convenient and quick to adjust the height of the laser. S10 PRO configures the terminal 32bit control panel and supports offline engraving, you can carry out engraving work anytime and anywhere without being restricted by the computer. In the event of an unexpected situation, stop the machine at any time to make the engraving safer. Wood\Bamboo\Cardboard\Plastic\Leather\ PCB board\Aluminum oxide\Non-reflective Electroplating layer and paint surface layer metal\304 mirror stainless steel\Glass\Ceramics\Cotton Cloth\Slate. Cardboard\Non-woven fabric\20mm Wood board\15mm Acrylic\Some thin plastic board\Sponge.

Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Win 10 /MacOSX system. NC BMP JPG PNG DXF, etc. CE / FCC / RoHS /FDA / PSE.

When operating the laser engraving machine, please install the laser protective cover. If it is not installed, you need to wear goggles. Please do not touch the laser emitter with your hand, or it may burn your hand. Please avoid a strong impact on the machine. Children under 14 are not allowed to use this product and children over 14 need adult supervision.

The light engraving machine can not be directly applied to any mirror reflecting object, which may cause injury to the operator or burn the laser. We have CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA Certifications, 100% Original Brand Products. If you like our products and company, please stay????? Comments, we will continue to provide consumers with perfect products and services. CONTACT DP MART CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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  1. Custom Bundle: No
  2. Equipment Size:: 57 * 60 * 27cm / 22.4 * 23.6 * 10.6in
  3. Laser Power:: 50W
  4. Engraving Application: Signs/Name Plate/Tag/Marking/Gift
  5. Personalize: No
  6. Equipment Weight:: 3426g / 7.6lbs
  7. Engraving Method: Laser
  8. Machine Operation: Electric
  9. Power Supply:: DC 12V 5A
  10. Tool Type: laser engraver
  11. Precision:: 0.01mm
  12. File Format:: NC BMP JPG PNG DXF.etc
  13. Name Tag Style: Signs/Name Plate/Tag/Marking/Gift
  14. Operating System:: Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Win 10 /MacOSX
  15. Laser Output Powe:: 10-11W
  16. Material: Metal + Aluminum
  17. Engraving Size:: 410*400mm
  18. Slice Software:: LaserGRBL LightBurn
  19. Modified Item: No
  20. Brand: A T O M S T A C K
  21. Application Shape: Rectangle
  22. Type: Engraving Machine
  23. Language:: English Portuguese German Italian French
  24. Model: ATOMSTACK S10 PRO
  25. Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  26. Power: 50 W
  27. Frame Material:: Sheet Metal + Aluminum Profile

Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine    Laser Engraving ATOMSTACK S10 Pro 50W Laser Effect 11W Cutting Machine